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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, dualing statements from the principle players in a debate about the debt limit. >> an area dog is recovering after being shot. tonight it is owners are asking who could do sculpture a thing. a horrible accident caught on a police dash cam has led to new laws in virginia. pilots are told an engine is on fire. what they did next. those stories in just a moment. first to breaking news in fairfax county. police are looking for a serial stabber. a man attacking young women and teenagers and stabbing each of them on the backside. darcy spencer has details on an incident that happened this evening. >> reporter: a woman was shopping here in the forever 21
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women's choeting store. she turned and felt a sharp pain in her buttocks and realized she had been stabbed. this is the fifth incident of this nature since february. all of the victims are in their late teens or early 20s and have been stabbed with possibly a box cutter that leaves a one-inch gash. all the incidents are happening at retail stores and four of them have happened in the fair oaks area and one in mcclain since february. the stabbings have always been preceded by a distraction and the police are working to identify a suspect responsible for the stabbings. reporting live from fairfax, back to you. >> thank you. now to the debt debate as the window to make a deal begins to close, the president and the speaker of the house spoke to
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the american people in primetime addresses tonight. mr. obama criticized congress while speaker boehner said he won't support tax hikes. >> we can't allow the american people to be collateral damage to washington's political warfare. >> the solution is not complicated if you're spending more than you're taking in you need to spend less. >> congress must raise the debt limit before next tuesday or the government risks defaulting on its loans. a fight between two drivers this evening. police say they got in a fight after they collided on the interloop in montgomery county. a witness said one of the drivers hit the other in the head with a wooden club. one driver was taken to the hospital. a washington humane society is looking for whoever it was
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that shot a dog for no apparent reason last thursday in southeast washington. bunny is a one-year-old pit bull-lab mix behind her owner's house at the time. she was hit in the legs and the underside of her body with what police believe was bird shot. >> everybody in the neighborhood knows her because she is not a mean dog. she is a very playful dog. so them doing that to her was just mean, cruel. >> bunny is healing but one of her legs may have to be amputated. the humane society is offering a $1,000 reward to find the shooter. a baby kidnapped from baltimore on friday is back home with his mother today. somebody spotted keon birch with his abductor this morning at a bus stop in northeast d.c. his family rushed to the hospital when he was found. he was not hurt. police are questioning the
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teenager suspected of taking the boy. dna may love the man dubbed the east coast rapist to another case in greenbelt, maryland. aaron thomas has been charged in rapes and other attacks on 17 women from virginia to connecticut. he was arrested back in march. police in greenbelt got an initial match to thomas on a rape in 1999. they have sent the results to a state lab for further testing and will file charges if the match is confirmed. it was a horrible crash caught on the police cruiser involved. it took the life of a popular teacher's assistant. jackie bensen has more on ashley's law. >> reporter: the law is simple. it requires law enforcement officers to use both lights and a siren when they are entering
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an intersection on a red light. believe it or not there was a lot of opposition to this. that did not deter ashley's mother. >> i felt driven by doing the right thing. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine how much more pain could have been endured by the family. there was this dash board camera video, footage of the actual collision with a fairfax county police cruiser that took the 33-year-old's life in february of 2008. there was the revelation that the 22-year-old police officer driving was using lights but not the siren that might have gotten ashley's attention in time. there were two trials and a lawsuit settled last year. and through it all, cindy was fighting for a law to prevent it from happening again. >> i never knew after any meeting how things were going to go next but we just kept going. >> reporter: ashley's law was
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championed by lindaed toy polar. >> it took me three years to get it passed and the rural legislators were solidly against it. the police chiefs were solidly against it. and i needed to do something to make sure that this type of accident did not happen again. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell will sign ashley's law at 2:30 tomorrow at sherwood regional library. jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you, jack y. there was rain in parts of the area this afternoon. veronica has more on what we can expect. >> yeah, earlier today we found ourselves with heavy rain and sections of roads under water. west friendship and huntwood road and in laurel. now the thunderstorms are over
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with a few lingering storms in northeastern maryland and aberdeen. those moving through quickly. finally the cold front is coming through. a drop in the temperatures and a drop in the humidity tomorrow. we're right at 77 degrees in frederick and 79 degrees in town. by morning less humid air and a good forecast. the nfl lockout is finally over. football fans are glad to hear that news. the question is what comes now? dan hellie here now with more. >> everybody is pleased -- this has been going on for four and a half months and neither side got everything they wanted but the players and owners are back tonight after the labor agreement was approved this afternoon. it is ten years long.
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there won't be another work stoppage any time soon. the players allowed to report tomorrow morning. the redskins report for training camp on thursday. >> i was excited. ready to get back. your body starts to feel the itch for contact so and you want to compete. it's a blessing that we got it figured out. >> everyone had to give some things but everyone got what they wanted. the number one thing is we won't be missing any games. >> the redskins allowed to start signing rookies and freeing ats immediately and they signed a rookie free agent safety out of florida. tomorrow they can negotiate with veteran free agents. four months of nfl transactions in about four days, really. it's going to be nuts. >> it's going to be a wild time. still ahead, norway mourns those killed in two attacks. and the suspects father speaks
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out. an airplane ran into trouble after takeoff and had to dump fuel over a city. someone shot inside an airport when a rifle goes off accidentally. and an exclusive first look in the walter reed national military medical
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in a courtroom in norway today, anders breivik admitted to two attacks that killed dozens of people but he says he is not criminal responsible for those deaths. he said he was trying to save europe from muslim takeover. huge crowds turned out to honor the victims. eight people were killed by a bomb in the capitol city and 68 more were shot and killed at a youth camp. the death toll has dropped from 93 to 76. police blame the chaos after the shooting for the higher numbers. breivik's father said he will never speak to his son again and said he son should have killed himself. you are watching pictures of fuel being dumped out of an american airlines jet over
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dallas. it left yesterday bound for brazil when an engine fire warning light came on in the cockpit. the plane blew several tires when it landed because the jet was too heavy. workers anguished the engine fire on the ground and none of the 246 passengers was hurt. a united airlines employee was hurt after a shooting in armstrong international airport in new orleans. a man was chucking a hunting rifle at the ticket counter when it went off. the bullet hit a united worker in the leg. police charged the passenger with negligent injury. guns must be declared, checked and unloaded. pictures of a holdup at a fast food restaurant in washington. and veronica will be
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the merger this fall between walter reed and bethesda navel hospital will mean new and improved technology to help wounded soldiers. its 2.5 square feet. we got a first look at just what's inside. >> we are a big facility and it's a hike to get from one
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building to another. >> reporter: we start in the america building. it has an rehab room, a pool, a prosthetics lab and machinery to help patients walk or bike more easily. >> it has been great. >> you are in the basement of the america building. >> reporter: this is the gate lab. it's the latest technology to test amputees, watch them walk to see how their therapists and doctors will help. each ball works as a reflective marker and cameras track the markers and though therapists anything from which leg the patient's favoring to how their joints are moving. >> we can look at you from the front or side. >> reporter: down the hall more high-tech labs one a flight simulator for the body. >> an opportunity to introduce new technology. >> reporter: to say the program
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manager is proud of the facility is an understatement. >> this is one of two trauma rooms. >> reporter: the rooms inside the arrowhead building's e.r., the computer packed with patient records disconducts. >> it travels with the patient. >> reporter: and smart suite icu rooms where patients have controls with their bedside. there are lifts and iial sis access and a cancer treatment center and behind this plastic hybrid surgery suites. doctors will teleconference surgery and films to other doctors for more input on patient treatment. >> it will help the patient. it will help all of us. the patient will get back to their place of work sooner. >> reporter: and the rehab center with state-of-the-art commitment and climbing walls. three months ago -- >> stepped on it and went for a
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ride. >> reporter: this sergeant stepped on an i.e.d. in afghanistan. >> without the advancements in technology i wouldn't have come this far. >> reporter: and then the apartment lab. and patients designed this area where they can test their prosthetics in private. any problems and they go to the lab across the hall. >> they can get things like that taken care of. >> reporter: all they's now is the patients. >> is it rewarding to see the finish line in sight. >> looks like it will be an impressive facility. >> exactly. we're getting a bit of relief. >> a bit of relief. we're going to take it because the a.c. will get a chance to take a break for a while. the pocketbook a break too. out there today, the skies opened up. a lot of heavy rain in a short period of time.
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and there were portions of roads under water. but out there right now the temperatures are starting to drop. 93 was the high temperature today and that was shortly after noontime today. the low was 7 it degrees and we continue to drop at 4:00 p.m. and the temperature dropped to 7 it degrees. it is the first time under 80 since wednesday morning. we are at 79 at reagan national but other areas in the low 70s. the dew point is at 73 degrees. but i expect that to drop to the mid-60s by tomorrow morning. that's going to be good enough to bring more comfortable air in here with lingering showers in hagerstown. and the area of storms in chesapeake city that's the weather front that is moving through right now. haguers town at 73 degrees. tomorrow morning, d.c. will be at 70 and the dew point temperatures will be also down in the mid-60s.
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not much of a heat index to report tomorrow morning. look at the numbers in the south. dallas, texas at 98 degrees. what it feels like there that's where the heat stays bottled up for a couple days. down to the south in the southern plains and the southeast. texas now they have their driest nine-month period ever in 130 years. that pattern the jet stream has been up here. chicago for july might be their wettest july on record with 9 1/2 inches of rain. now we need a bit more rain. we are 26 to 50% below normal on rainfall. not going to get it the last two days. low humidity with clear skies and sunshine around here for the next two days. so finally the comfortable weather has arrived. it's not going to stick around that long. at the end of the week the temperatures rise again. not tomorrow morning though.
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65 to 72 degrees starting out. the high temperature about 92 to 93 degrees. the average now is at 89. here's a look at the four-day forecast. two wonderful day coming our way for summer. that's wonderful. 92, 93 but with low humidity. my goodness it's summer around here. 95 for thursday with afternoon thunderstorms. and friday 99 and that 97 with the high heat for the end of the week. out of the area by sunday. >> 92, 93 we're looking forward to it. still ahead, a competition that will make a kpiken out offy -- chicken out of just about everyone. and price hopper gets cheers
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. so finally wecanthink about getting it on. >> funny story before we get going. we were driving out to redskins park and john beck was trying to pull into the park too. it was a young, new security guard and he didn't know who anybody was and john says i want to call somebody. >> and he said your name again, sir. and i look at john and say that's the last time that's going to happen. people are going to know who this guy is going to be. it is a done deal. the nfl lockout is over and the redskins start training camp on thursday which is the very day they were scheduled to start all along. as for the agreement it was
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finalized when the player reps okayed the deal. and now after a 135 day work stoppage it's back to business. >> we're happy we have an agreement that we have reached. i will turn it over to roger to say a few words. >> it's been a long time coming and football's back and that's the great news for everybody. i want to thank the -- all of the players for their leadership and for securing the long-term future of the game. having a ten-year agreement is great for our game and for our fans. >> roger goodell and de smith getting it done. tuesday facilities open 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. the redskins have already signed a rookie free agent. wednesday ten teams report to training camp. thursday, the redskins start camp and teams can cut players.
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friday they file the transactions with the league and the free agents can sign their contracts and august 4th is the deadline for recertification for the layers' union. john beck taking part in a charity event and this guy might need a new jersey here. they are at a local target to supply clothes and school supplies for underprivileged kids. the players will be at redskins park to get ready for work again. >> we have been waiting a long time for this. we the can get back to playing football and being in the facility. >> we had de in charge of this thing and the executive committee put a great deal for us for the guys that are playing now and in the future. and i know that de wouldn't recommend us signing it if it wasn't fair to both sides.
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>> loren zone alexander has been busy with the pilates studio he opened. the two biggest owners in the country. >> i'd take his class. where the first one's free so come on out. talking baseball now. the nationals 49-5 the 2nd and after a subpar west coast road trip. back tomorrow night. baseball's number one prospect played in buoy tonight. and fans coming out to check out the kid. 6300 fans were there tonight. top of 5, bryce harper facing a former o's starter. the first of two doubles for harper tonight. he would score three batters later. bryce also playing some defense. check this out in the outfield. he was a catcher. he's now an outfielder. makes the catch against the
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wall, stumbles and throws it all the way to first base. not a smart play. it gets away from the first baseman. but no worries in the end. harrisburg beats buoy 13-2. the manager said it was nice because bryce takes a beating everywhere he goes but a hometown crowd tonight. hometown crowd tonight.
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police in loudoun county released surveillance video of a holdup at a mcdonald's in sterling. it happened last week. all the suspects' faces were covered. but investigators are hoping that distinctive hats and t-shirts will lead to an arrest. leslie johnson's resignation from the prince george's county council takes place on sunday. a group called people for change will hold a meeting on thursday to get voters ready. this are four potential candidates. johnson pled
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if you're afraid of heights this might not be for you. it's the cliff diving world series competition in italy. 15,000 people watched over the weekend after divers took off from a 27-meter platform. it's


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